EILIB Source File Library

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One of the best ways to learn a new computer language is to study well-written source code using that language. To help you to do this, I offer my own personal A86LIB library of source files, with over 200 subroutines and macros, that can be called from your programs as if they were built into the A86 language. In addition to the library itself, the package includes about 200 short programs, with complete source code, illustrating the use of many of the library's routines. The library routines handle file I/O, numeric and string I/O, command-line parsing including wildcards, file buffering, string searching and manipulation, sorting, and random-number generation. The tools perform a wide variety of manipulations on files.

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Terms of Usage of the EILIB Library

Now for a bit of legalese. In this section, the terms "EILIB" and "the library" refer to any or all of the source files in either the EILIB or the EITOOLS parts of the software package.

When you purchase EILIB, its source files are licensed for your personal use only. You may not publish or redistribute any of the source files, or any source files resulting from the modification of the files, unless each recipient has purchased a copy of A86 plus EILIB for themselves. (For example, if you do some contract programming for a company, and use EILIB, or any files derived from EILIB source code, that company must buy a copy of A86+EILIB from me, for each computer on which your source code will exist.)

You may publish executable programs assembled using the library, if they contain substantial functional additions that you have created, on the condition that your copyright claim to such programs is based solely on the creative enhancements and additions you have made, and not on the content I have provided to you. You are specifically prohibited from attempting to restrict me, or other customers of EILIB, from publishing any programs simply because they are based on the library. You are also prohibited from republishing the EITOOLS executable programs, unless and until you make your own substantial functional additions to them. I may myself publish the EITOOLS executables, but I wish to retain the right to decide which ones, and under what conditions, they are published.

The library is provided on an "as-is" basis. It is entirely up to you to determine its fitness and suitability for use. Under no circumstances will I assume any liability whatever for its performance (or lack of performance).

Good commenting, but no support!

It is also entirely up to you to figure out how the library or the EITOOLS programs work. The programs are well-commented, and I have included a few additional tips in an initial overview file, so you should be able to do this on your own. I will not answer any questions about the library or the programs, and I will not feel obligated to respond to any bug reports or suggestions for improvement. (Keep in mind that, since you have all the source code, this means you can fix bugs and make improvements yourself. I had hesitated to release this library due to the potential support burden; so I decided to solve the problem by disclaiming any support!)

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