Secure online ordering is now available!

You may now purchase A86/A386/D86/D386, plus the optional EILIB source file library, via a secure online ordering system, run by the Share-It service. Credit-card orders are usually approved in real time: within a few minutes after placing your order, you will be emailed a link from which you can download the software.

The base price for the A86/A386/D86/D386 assembler-debugger is $82.

The EILIB source file library, with many sample programs, is an extra $50 if ordered at the same time.

The printed manual is an extra $15 mailed to the US or Canada; $35 mailed elsewhere. Be careful not to specify a manual to be mailed to the US or Canada, when your address is elsewhere. The order entry system will not detect this and will allow the order to go through, but your manual will not be shipped unless you can later provide me with a US-or-Canada address, or if you pay an extra adminstrative fee. In that case, you wind up paying more than if you had gotten it right in the first place (because it will wind up costing me more to process the order).

Click on the price from the following chart, to go to the order page for that package. Thanks!

A86+A386+D86+D386 Without EILIB With EILIB
No printed manual Buy now for $82 Buy now for $132
Manual to US or Canada Buy now for $97 Buy now for $147
Manual mailed elsewhere Buy now for $117 Buy now for $167