Programming Consultant Available

After over 19 years of doing nothing but running my software business, I've decided to make myself available for consulting positions in programming, technical writing, and/or training. The shareware business has, over the years, become less and less a matter of writing great programs and letting them distribute themselves, and more and more about intensive, Internet-based marketing. I am continuing to work at mastering that new model, but my energy level for that just isn't what it is for the more technically-oriented activities.

I am a world-class authority on Intel x86 assembly language programming, having written and marketed the highly-successful A86 and A386 assembler packages, and the D86 and D386 debugger packages. These packages were written "from scratch": I have never used anyone else's compilers or assemblers to write my software. The current versions of my assembler assemble themselves. They are descended from a long line of programs, the first of which was hand-assembled in 1976, and entered into the front-panel switches of my IMSAI 8080 computer. My ZIPKEY Zip codes and area codes package, including the new Windows version, was also written entirely in A386.

Before starting my own software business, I spent 8 successful years as an independent consultant. My consulting jobs required me to learn new platforms and languages extremely quickly, to anticipate the needs of my clients (and of their customers) without an excessive amount of guidance, and to communicate well with team members and leaders, both familiar and new, both on-site and remote. My activities were mostly programming, but I also enjoyed, and was extremely good at, the occasional assignment in technical writing and in-house training.

If your business could benefit from using a top-flight consultant at reasonable rates, please contact me at:

or telephone me at 1-812-339-1811.

Eric Isaacson
416 E. University St.
Bloomington, IN 47401