Are your fingers slightly too large for your keyboard?
Are you prone to accidentally turning on the CapsLock key,

DisableCapslock will end that annoyance forever, for only $7.

DisableCapslock is a tiny program for all Windows XP computers, that notices whenever you press your CapsLock key, and cancels the keypress. You can still go into and out of Capslock mode instantly at any time by pressing Ctrl-Capslock (a key combination which is almost impossible to press accidentally).

DisableCapslock avoids "registry hacks" -- it is installed as a proper Windows application, working independently from, and seamlessly with, any other software you might want to run, that interacts with your keyboard input. This includes both Windows applications, and the legacy "DOS" applications you might be running in a Command Prompt window. You can easily remove DisableCapslock from your computer any time you wish.

DisableCapslock is supported entirely by your modest $7 payment -- there is never any adware, spyware, malware, etc., in any of our software.

DisableCapslock is written in assembly language, which produces the smallest and fastest programs possible. It will occupy less that one tenth of one percent of the memory, and less than a thousandth of one percent of the hard drive space, of a typical modern computer.

To order, send $7 (plus sales tax if you are in Indiana) to my Paypal account at paypal@eji.com, and then email me at eric@eji.com when you have done so. I will email you a link to the software.

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