Secure online ordering is now available!

You may now purchase ZIPKEY or A86 via a secure online ordering system, run by the SWREG service. Credit-card orders are usually approved in real time: within a few minutes after placing your order, you will be emailed a link from which you can download the software.

Some tips for order entry

What you type goes onto the mailing label

Please note that whatever you type in for your address, will go directly onto the mailing label when I send you manuals and/or notices. You should therefore follow a recommended mailing format; for example, put your approved abbreviation code into the "State/Province" field, rather than spelling out the full name. If you are not part of a company, just leave that field blank: words like "None" would be included in your mailing address, and that would look strange.

Use only two of the three address lines

Also note: the order-entry form (whose format is set by SWREG and is beyond my direct control) allows for a "Company Name" line and two additional "Address" lines. However, my own customer database format allows me to use only two of those three lines, with each line having a limit of 39 characters. The city, state/prov code, postal code, and country name will all go onto a single additional 39-character line. Try to keep your address entry within those limits -- if they overflow, your printed manual might be delayed, waiting for me to manually crunch down the address. If you wish, you can put additional address information (e.g., a mailstop or department name) after your last name in that field: e.g., you could give "Smith, MS-413" as your last name.

Surcharge for Diner's Club cards

The folks at SWREG advise me that they can now take Diner's Club cards for real-time orders. However, there is a 4% surcharge for that, plus a possible currency fluctuation because the charge will be made in British Pounds and converted by your bank to your currency on the bill.

Got all that? Then click here to go to the online ordering system.