Eric's Movies Page

The List

I've been maintaining a list of movies I'd like to see. Rather than making the individual choices myself, I have combined numerous lists gleaned from the Internet: Ebert's Great Movies, 4-star movies, Ebertfest movies, and yearly top 10 movies, Oscar winners and nominees in the major categories, the AFI lists, the Criterion Collection, box office winners, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, etc.

There is a column in which I mark off the movies when I've seen them. I have now watched all the movies that are easily available for home viewing, plus I have travelled to Los Angeles to view some movies from the UCLA and Academy archives there. The list of unwatched movies swells at the end of each year, with new additions to the dynamically-expanding categories. Once I have watched those, it settles down to its base, which is now down to only 7 movies.

I maintain the list as a Google Docs spreadsheet with the names of the 4200+ movies in each row, and the various sublists in each column. You can view the spreadsheet by clicking on "The List" above. You can sort the list by any of the sublists/categories, by hovering your mouse cursor over a column header until you see a little dropdown arrow, and clicking on that.

The Scoreboard

Every time I modify the list, I run a program that regenerates the counts of movies I've seen in each category. Click on the above link to see the latest tally, with a change-log entry for the latest modification to the list (which usually shows the name of the last movie I watched).