Eric's Movies Page

The List

I've been maintaining a list of movies I'd like to see. Rather than making the individual choices myself, I have combined numerous lists gleaned from the Internet: Ebert's Great Movies, 4-star movies, Ebertfest movies, and yearly top 10 movies, Oscar winners and nominees in the major categories, the AFI lists, the Criterion Collection, box office winners, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, etc.

There is a column in which I mark off the movies when I've seen them. I am close to having watched all the movies that are easily available for home viewing: 97.5% of the list now; 98.7% by the time all the 2016 movies come out on DVD in the next few months.

The list is a Google Docs spreadsheet that you can view by clicking on "The List" above. If you'd like to sort the list by any of the categories, you should be able to File...Make a Copy to make your own copy of the spreadsheet, on which you will have write privileges.

The Scoreboard

Every time I modify the list, I run a program that regenerates the counts of movies I've seen in each category. Click on the above link to see the latest tally.

Handy Forms

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