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I have decided to make one of my little command-line utilities, the WI file finder, available for sale at the modest price of $7. I may add other small programs here -- check back from time to time.

WI File Finder Utility

A very small and fast command-line utility that can search an entire hard drive for files with a given name, extension, etc. You can search on all local hard drives, any local or network drive, any directory and all its subdirectories, etc.

This tool has the same functionality as the 'Find Files' function on the Windows Start menu. The differences are:

  • It works from a command prompt.

  • It is much faster -- with directory info already cached from a previous search on my 1.4GHz Athlon, it searched through my 96000 files on my two 60G hard drives in less than a second.

  • It allows you to redirect the output to a file, where the listing can be manipulated by other tools at your discretion.

    To order, send a payment of $7 to my Paypal account paypal@eji.com, and then email me at eric@eji.com that you have done so. I will then email you a link to the software. Indiana residents add sales tax.